Gina R.

height 5′ 3″
weight 115 lbs
bust 32″ C
weist 24″
hips 35″
eyes Brown
hair-color Brown, Red
hair-lenght Medium
shoes 7.5
ethnic-group Caucasian, Indian, black, Irish, Native American, White
About Me

Hi everyone, my name is Gina! I was born and raised in Georgia. So I have the southern charm and hospitality that you expect, but with a fiery fun personality lol. Yes I am a natural redhead mixed with white, Irish, black, and native american. Yeah that's a crazy mix lol, so my friend Dionna calls me the Irish Unicorn. I have been modeling for 10 years and gogo dancing for 9 years. I do both full time and love it so much. I also cosplay and acting too.

I am not your average model. I like playing video/board games, listening to music, dancing, sports, and food!! Good thing to know about me is that I love Tim Burton, my favorite director. So I like to do Tim Burton style photo shoots. I also like to try new/different things. I am not afraid to step outside the box. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover because I am down to earth, humble with lots of goofiness lol.

Product Description

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